Director's Desk

What our head of institution says
Director's Desk
I am delighted to welcome you at Royal Institute of Hotel Management. The College stands at the frontiers of global innovation in academics as well as all the other components that make education whole. I invite you to peruse the extensive range of resources and opportunities that we offer to all the members of the College. From classrooms to wellness centres, the amenities are both plenty and first-rate. Most important of all, the teaching and non-teaching staff at the College combine in them the calibre and culture to help students fulfil their higher education goals. Our expertise coupled with rock solid principles, excellent infrastructure, competent faculty members, robust teaching methodology and industrial relations place us well above the rest.
The mission of Royal Institute of Hotel Management is to nurture the skills and talent in the students to take advantage of and face the challenges in the domestic and global travel, tourism and hospitality industry . At RIHM , we are keenly aware of the enormous responsibility that a hospitality institution must bear. Besides imparting knowledge and know-how of the subject of choice, the institution must prepare the student to thrive in the career of Hotel Management and contribute to the good of the global citizenry.
I on behalf of Royal Institute of Hotel Management invite you to embark on a lifetime partnership with the Institute.

— Mukesh Pratap —

— Director —
— International Sommelier —
— Former General Manager at Nirvana , St. Kitts & Nevis —
— Former Asst. Restaurant Manager at Hyatt Regency, Delhi —
— 5+ Years of Experience in Training in Hospitality Institutions —
— 10+ Years of Experience in Hospitality Industry —